And here we have part two of the 2014 Fashion Friday blog post (you can find part one HERE)!! I hope you’ve all had a great week… make some time to shop till you drop this weekend! Here are the rest of my Fall picks. I would love to hear what you are loving right now. Leave a comment below and let me know what your faves are!

First up is the plaid shirt! Rumours of 90’s grunge making a comeback have been circulating, but it hasn’t gained much momentum until now. What better item to throw on with your basic tee and leggings/jeans than a comfy, warm flannel top!? Dress it up, dress it down, wear it open, buttoned up, or under a sweater… or, if you want to get in on the trend while keeping it low key, tie it around your waist, or find yourself a plaid scarf!! Pair it with some combat boots, or knee highs (brown or black) and you are good to go run your errands!!

PS. To see the plaid shirt in action take a peek at Chelsy and Chad’s engagement session! ;)

Hayley Rae Fashion Friday_072 Hayley Rae Fashion Friday_076 Hayley Rae Fashion Friday_075 Hayley Rae Fashion Friday_074 Hayley Rae Fashion Friday_073

Booties. A must have. You name it, they go with it… jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses. No more negotiation or procrastination here, ladies. It’s your responsibility as well dressed women to own a pair of these babies. I recommend at least one flat pair, and a pair with some heel height.

Hayley Rae Fashion Friday_004 Hayley Rae Fashion Friday_003

Grey Grey Grey. It’s the colour of the season, which seems strange because it isn’t really a colour at all. It’s technically a shade. That being said, the concept is pretty simple… wear grey, and lots of it… and dust off those silver accessories to match.

Hayley Rae Fashion Friday_011 Hayley Rae Fashion Friday_009 Hayley Rae Fashion Friday_010

And last but not least… a great item that will last all winter long. Fur vests are toooo fun turn down. Put it on and as you walk down the street imagine you have a Russian accent. Random? Yes! Something about wearing fur makes me feel like it’s winter in Moscow. I grabbed a fabulous gray faux fur vest and I wear it with a fitted, black long sleeve, but I think it’s so cute with a blouse for a more fancy look. Add sunglass and a handbag if you want to look ultra chic.

Hayley Rae Fashion Friday_005

**Note ALL of the above images are from Pinterest.

Written by Hayley Rae