Updating your wardrobe isn’t always fun. When the seasons change, you’re usually left with no choice but to purchase a few things… especially when you pull out last Spring’s items and realize you’ve got nothing to wear. Next thing you know you’re wandering the mall buying random pieces, and spending more money than your budget technically permits. Here are my simple Pinterest secrets that help me shop smarter… I hope you find them useful too!

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STEP 1) Use SPECIFIC search terms – ‘Spring jeans for curvy hips‘, ‘blazer for long torso‘, ‘tops for small bust‘, ‘office appropriate maxi skirt‘ or ‘Spring 2015 trends for athletic style‘… Whatever the heck you’re looking for, search for exactly THAT. You have millions of ideas at your fingertips, just waiting to be searched for, so capitalize on that opportunity!! Search for the season’s trends, but don’t second guess the things you want to pin. Go for whatever you’re drawn to… it’s your style, after all. When you’re done pinning, step back and take a look – a cohesive style will be there and it will be very personal to you.

STEP 2) Start by pinning things you already own – Unless you plan to throw away every last thing you own and start from scratch, pin things you already own. As you browse, keep an eye open for things you have, but don’t wear often. You’ll be amazed at how many outfits you already have. SO often I find myself flipping through Pinterest thinking, “That’s a cute outfit… what a minute, I own all of those things! I own that outfit!! I’m gonna wear that tomorrow!!” Or, maybe all you need to buy is something small to complete a brand new, updated look.

Likewise, if you’re wondering how to wear a specific item (old or new, or before you even buy it), search for it! Heck, I do this in the fitting room while I’m shopping.

Here’s an example from my closet: I got a pair of high waisted gray pants from the Aritzia warehouse sale… they were a steal (and so comfortable). But, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pull them off… they actually looked quite funny at first glance. But, when I typed “gray highwaisted jeans outfit” into Pinterest, here are some of the ideas I got!! Would you ever have thought to put a camo jacket with gray pants? Me neither, but there it is and it looks awesome. With yellow shoes nonetheless. Mind. Blown.

Spring 2015 Fashion Blog Gray Pants Outfits_016Spring 2015 Fashion Blog Gray Pants Outfits_017

Another example would be a pair of speckle, mint pants I got for free at a clothing swap (FOR FREE!). I took them home thinking “What on earth am I going to wear these with?? What shoes would match? What colour purse would work?” Well, here are the ideas I found… not too shabby! AmIRight?

Spring 2015 Fashion Blog Mint Pants Outfits_021 Spring 2015 Fashion Blog Mint Pants Outfits_020

STEP 3) Use your pin board as a guide – Don’t just make a pinboard and then forget about it!! Stores can be daunting and items don’t always look so fabulous on the hangar. Use your pins to make a specific list, try to stay on track, always set a budget, don’t be afraid to try on new things, and use your smartphone to refer to your pinboard as you shop! You will have an updated wardrobe in no time! :)

So there you have them… 3 steps to smarter Spring shopping!! For some outfit ideas, click HERE for my Spring/Summer 2015 pinboard! Have a great weekend!

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Written by Hayley Rae