Halifax Engagement Session – Mishelle and Andrew

In September I took a trip to Eastern Canada to relax with friends, sight see, take photos, and eat copious amounts of seafood (I plan to blog more about the trip in the coming days). I met Mishelle and Andrew in Halifax and, upon hearing they were newly engaged, I offered them an engagement session. Having taken a stroll around the harbour the day before, I was excited to hear that they wanted to go ahead with it. Halifax is a neat place and I had lots of great spots in mind. We started off at Citadel Hill, an old fort located right downtown… it’s a huge grassy hill that is quite a sight in the middle of the city. We walked and chatted as we made our way down towards the harbour, stopping here and there for photos. Mishelle and Andrew really are the nicest couple, we got along so well and when we had wrapped up the session by the waterfront they bought me a Beaver Tail for the walk back to the hotel. I thought those were a ‘BC thing’… but apparently no! They have them all over the country…. who knew? If you ever have the chance to visit Halifax, I highly recommend it. It’s a great place, especially for photo taking (and eating, but that’s for my next blog post).

Here are a few favourties from their session!

Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-4Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-16Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-23Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-27Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-37Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-40Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-42Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-43Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-51Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-54Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-65Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-56Mishelle and Andrew - Engagement Session-72

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