Weekend one of the music-festival-turned-bohemian-fashion-show, Coachella, has come and gone, and weekend two is set to take off today. If you’re anything like me you’re not quite cool enough to attend the festival, but you are definitely watching from afar – with outfit envy to boot. The 70s are the latest festival fashion statement (think bell bottoms and brown suede fringed vests), but there’s lace, frayed denim, crop tops, tangled hair and booties everywhere, no doubt.

I couldn’t resist a Fashion Friday dedicated solely to my top 5 Coachella outfit favourites (as spotted on Style.com and Harper’s Bazaar)… that is, if I can manage to narrow it down to only 5. Alright, let’s give it a go… wish me luck!

Look #1: Hands down – My FAVE. Love the boots and hat combo, love the frayed, high waisted shorts, LOVE the ultra long kimono.

Coachella 2015 Fashion Blog outfit 1 style.com

Look #2: Let the 70s reign! This simple look highlights the peasant top, and 70s touches in the most perfect way. Yes! Coachella 2015 Fashion Blog outfit 3 harpers bazaar

Look 3: Simplicity at it’s finest. A simple black romper does the job just fine, the brown hat and sunglasses dress it down a little, and the botanical print bag is right on trend. Festival chic. Love it.Coachella 2015 Fashion Blog outfit 1 harpers bazaar

Look #4: The ‘structured’ shape actually carries over as a festival look quite nicely… It’s not what you would expect to see at Coachella, but you can’t deny it caught your eye.Coachella 2015 Fashion Blog outfit style.com harpers bazaar

Look #5: As I mentioned, the 70s are in style (yes, including brown suede). Admittedly, it’s not my personal favourite, but I’ll give it a fair chance. These two outfits sure make it look cute!Coachella 2015 Fashion Blog outfit 2 style.com harpers bazaar

**Image credits: Style.com, Harper’s Bazaar

If you would like to see more Coachella clothing love, click HERE to see my Pinterest board. I’d LOVE to hear which outfits caught your eye this year… leave a comment below to share your favourite Coachella 2015 fashion moments!!

Written by Hayley Rae