I’ve spent the past few weekends as a second shooter with Matt Kennedy Photos. I have known Matt and his wife Carisa through Northside Church, where my family used to attend. If you think he looks familiar it might be because you watched his appearances on Canadian Idol a few years back (he is a multi-talented guy). Matt has been doing wedding photography for a few years now, and his photos have gained a great reputation in the lower mainland and beyond. Check out this recent write up on Holli True’s blog!

Each wedding has been an amazing privilege and I have learned so much about everything to do with wedding photography, and weddings in general. Truth be told I’ve only been to a couple in my entire life. This experience has also been so helpful because my younger sister is getting married this summer, and I had no idea what to expect! Now I feel like an old pro…. almost. All of the weddings were so beautiful, they were long days, but I loved every minute of them! The flowers, the dresses, the vows… just amazing! :’) One of the weddings we worked at had the ever popular photobooth (guests love these)… Matt and I took a few minutes off photography duty to have some fun! I am working away on the photos I have taken this month, and I promise I will share them very soon so please stay tuned to my blog and facebook page!

Written by Hayley Rae