A few weeks ago I caught up with Dean and Chase for a backyard mini session. I don’t think Chase had much say in the matter, but Dean so kindly agreed to wear matching outfits. The cutest little cargo shorts and striped rugby shirts; let’s just say they were looking very sharp. You’ll have to excuse the scratches on big brother Dean’s chin; he ‘bailed’ pretty badly on the cement patio the night before. I was going to Photoshop it out, but eventually I came to the realization that getting road rash on your chin is just part of growing up. So I left most of it in to add character. It’s pretty safe to say it wont be the last time he hurts his little chin (boys will be boys).

We set up the bubble machine and the boys got a great kick out of it. The two are such an adorable pair. Dean has tones of energy and so much to say. He showed off his professional Nascar skills by racing his imaginary car around the racetrack that his dad mowed into the lawn for him. I’m told he changes the track every time he mows the lawn, what a cool dad! Chase on the other hand, isn’t so easily amused. He isn’t impressed by just anything. He examines everything thoroughly, and with great skepticism. We brought out a pineapple for him to play with, and after great deliberation I think he decided it wasn’t worth his time. We did get some great smiles from him though, it turns out he loves peek-a-boo, clapping, and practicing his first steps.

Written by Hayley Rae