I love music …and I’m a huge folk music fan. I saw Dan Mangan play last year at the Vogue Theatre, and absolutely loved it, so (naturally) I got tickets to his show at the Orpheum on Wednesday night. He is incredibly talented, and very personable… He interacts with the crowd so naturally. Not to mention, as an artist, he’s a master of marketing. He sells his album on vinyl (for the die hards), offers free song downloads and album previews, and writes his newsletter to fans in the format of a love note. Love that! His lyrics are abstract and sometimes haunting, yet somehow everyone is able to relate to them. He incorporates so many instruments into his songs, from trumpets to tambourines. He is truly unique. It’s moving music, especially live, and I find it neat to see such a mix of ages in the audience.

The concert ended with a standing ovation (of course) …and an acoustic encore. The whole crowd stood and sang along, and given the beauty of the Orpheum Theatre itself, it was just so awesome (it would sure make a spectacular wedding venue, by the way).

Here is a couple iPhone photos to share. I can’t wait for his next show!

Have a great Remembrance Day long weekend! :)

Written by Hayley Rae