Last night my mom and I took a trip to good ‘ol Michaels craft store to pick up some fancy paper and ribbon for my handmade Thank You cards. These will be for the wonderful people that have helped me with the groundwork for my business. Every time we go to Michaels we end up walking through every aisle looking at all of the interesting craft kits, scrap booking supplies, and other unique products repeating out loud to one another, “wow they have great stuff here”, “there’s really some great stuff here”, “isn’t this stuff great?”.  I think we find it so fabulous because neither of us have the time to construct a homemade 2 bedroom bird feeder… but the fact that there’s an everything-you-need kit for that is just so awesome. Even if we did have time we still probably wouldn’t do it… but some people would, and that’s awesome.

I’m typically terrible at arts and crafts but, with a little bit of inspiration from a card making magazine, I had a vision and was ready to bring it to life (it really is all about the inspiration). Mom and I got to work. Mom with her tea (she wont do anything after dinner unless she has a cup of tea in her hand, and we’ve all grown to accept this). We created a prototype, and I am totally excited with the outcome! A few tweaks and these will be ready to go!

(Please forgive the low-light photo quality.)

I hope you like them, and that they inspire you to:

a) make handmade cards, and b) thank the amazing, hardworking people in your life…

Both of these things are oh so good for the soul, mmm hmm!

Written by Hayley Rae