Happy belated Valentines Day to all of you lovers. I hope it was romantic, and magical, and most importantly filled with love, love, love. I arrived at work to find a bouquet of roses on my desk. What more can a girl ask for, really! We also had an abundance of (homemade) sweets and treats for everyone to share. Cookies, cupcakes, yum, yumm! Admittedly, my batch of cherry chip cupcakes didn’t turn out quite as delicious as I was hoping. Some marry for love, others marry for money… sometimes I think it might be best for me to marry for cooking ability (so that my family doesn’t starve, or worse). Just kidding. My kitchen skills have been steadily improving, but it seems there’s always more to learn.

I spent the evening with some fellow Valentines Day orphans (as I call them), that is friends with boyfriends who are out of town, or no boyfriends at all! It was juuust right! :)

Written by Hayley Rae