I got home from work yesterday wanting to do nothing more than get back into bed. The only thing worse than a regular Monday, is a Monday after a long weekend. In fact, from the moment I got up the thought of going back to bed didn’t leave my conscious stream of thoughts. According to my to-do list, I was supposed to come home and go for a jog, but I crossed that idea out and wrote instead ‘go on a power walk’. So, I thought it would be nice to bring my camera along. Just a block or two from my parent’s place there is some farm land that I think is soo beautiful. Unfortunately it’s private property, so I have to enjoy it from a distance, but I love running past it, it’s such a peaceful contrast to downtown Vancouver where I work. I grew up in a subdivision on the side of a mountain, so I’m not used to this kind of scenery so close to home. During the summer the sunsets turn the whole landscape orange, and to me it just begs to be photographed.

Written by Hayley Rae