I think summer is the perfect time to set goals. It just beats goal setting on a rainy new years eve when the days are painfully short and motivation is running thin. Winter is the time of year when getting through the day is goal enough for me. But, in the summertime we are eager to make plans, and the sunshine brings all the motivation required to get things done! Like most of us, I struggle with goal setting, but I am realizing how important they are, and how much they are an inherent part of running a successful business. So, I have finally pondered my life and decided on an assortment of goals, and here they are…

Goal number one: Make a point of taking photos for myself. This is how I fell in love with photography, and nothing makes me happier than snapping away at whatever I want with no expectations… just flowing with the mood and capturing the essence of what’s in front of me. When I get the photos home and onto my computer I edit the picture however I want. Sometimes the mood of my playlist influences the finished product, sometimes I just wing it, sometimes I have a vision of what I’d like it to end up as. I have a huge folder of pictures I’ve taken and edited this way. Every time I look through them I can remember exactly where I took the picture, my thoughts at the time, what phase of my life I was in. I just love it. If one day I could ever sell these prints I would be so ecstatic words can’t even describe…but that’s getting way ahead of myself. So, every week all summer I want to post a photo (or two) on my blog that I took just for fun. A little cliche but I think it will be fun. Since it is already summer, week one is upon us. So, I chose this shot of my friend’s super cute nephew hanging out with a bucket on his head:


Goal number two: Exercise my mind by reading more books. Now that my university career is complete, and has been for over a year (horray!), there is simply no excuse for not reading. I mean, I know how to read, that’s not the issue. I’ve read tones of text books and journal articles, but I almost never read books without pictures for pleasure. Reading’s fun… or at least it will be once I get into the hang of it. First up I’m going to finish reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm Gladwell is a brilliant social psychologist turned sociologist. I’ve read a few of his other books and really enjoyed them, so I’m sure this one will be just as good!


Goal number three: Work out my arms. Enough said. My arm strength is completely pathetic, and frankly it’s a little embarrassing. This summer I’m going to dig out my mom’s 3 pound weights and make some sense of how to use them…. I’m at rock bottom on this one, it can only get better from here.

So there you have my little list of personal goals for this summer. Wish me luck!

Written by Hayley Rae