Back in May I spent a day second shooting a wedding with Kelly Swanson. I stumbled upon Kelly’s work and we connected online last summer. We were meaning to go for coffee but never managed to find a time that worked out. So, we met in person for the first time on the morning of the wedding and chatted away non-stop all the way to Chilliwack. Don’t you just love meeting someone and becoming instant friends!? It was almost as if we had known each other for years. We got a little kick out of the wedding guests asking us, “So, do you guys work together all the time?” … “Nope, we just met this morning!”

I spent the morning with the boys and set off with the groom to meet Kelly and the bride for a first look. The couple was so cute, I loved every moment. You can just see how in love they are. The dress was perfectly classic and stunning, he groomsmen and bridesmaids looked amazing, but my favourite detail was most definitely the bouquet… absolutely beautiful. Here are some of the photos I took at the wedding… Hope you like them! :)

I learned a lot helping Kelly out at this wedding, and I can’t wait to second shoot another wedding with her this weekend! :)

Written by Hayley Rae