A few weeks after the Swan e Set wedding I had another opportunity to second shoot with Matt Kennedy. Jessica and Keith’s wedding was at the Diamond Alumni Center at Simon Fraser University. This is where I went to school, so I was totally excited to spend the day there. I’ve spent many hours at SFU, but always in the dreadful, dark and rainy months, walking around from class to class on only a few hours sleep, with heavy books in my bag, balancing an umbrella and a skim caramel latte (from Renaissance coffee, of course… I still miss that coffee shop). Sometimes I would catch a nap in a cubicle (or the back of a lecture hall, shh). But, the campus is always quite nice in the summer months, and definitely a great spot for wedding photos. It turns out Jessica has a Psychology degree from SFU, just like me! I instantly knew she was awesome. The wedding and reception at the Alumni Center was beautiful, and the photos on campus were lots of fun!

Once again, I watched Matt in action with the bride and groom, and took some photos of my own along the way. Enjoy!

Written by Hayley Rae