Last weekend we threw a surprise bridal shower for my lovely, younger sister Paige. Naturally it was my pleasure to be appointed photographer for the day. My Aunt was gracious enough to host all of our close friends and family for the afternoon. We asked her best friend Nicky to pick her up ‘for coffee’, and she showed up to the house to find everyone waiting with gifts in hand. These weren’t just any gifts either.. they were all amazing, and thoughtful gifts. The groom is the voice of Iron Man in the Nickelodeon cartoon, so the best gift was definitely the Iron Man underwear my Aunt picked out. My sister, and her husband-to-be are starting out with nothing (literally nothing, except for a handful of necessities she ‘borrowed’ when my mom wasn’t looking… busted). I can only imagine how happy they must be to receive all kinds of nice cookware, and decorations for their cute little apartment.

As she arrived I snapped some pictures of her completely surprised! She looked around at everyone and her jaw dropped (alllmost to the floor). Priceless. We got her all dressed up in bride gear and played some games to get the afternoon flowing. The highlight was most definitely the toilet paper wedding dress game. Two teams competed against one another for the best wedding dress made only of toilet paper. No tape, no glue. We continued the afternoon with lots of yummy snacks, and of course the gift opening… and eventually ended the day by dressing her in all the bows… apparently this is tradition? I have to say it was an awesome day spent with so many great ladies. I think you’ll agree when you see the photos below. Enjoy!

Written by Hayley Rae