I went for another one of those long walks with my camera. I love doing this because as  much as you might think you’re going for a walk down a boring road with nothing interesting to photograph… there is always great opportunities for interesting shots. It never fails, and it’s completely unpredictable. I think of it like freestyle photography… I bring limited equipment, and just focus on seeing the beauty and art in everyday sights and then try to capture it in a unique way. Doing this eventually changes your everyday perspective permanently, but I think the change is for the better. Life is short, so you might as well stop and smell the roses (or just take a picture of them).

Here is my case in point: How was I supposed to know I was going to go for a walk behind my parents place and come across an old chair just sitting on an empty lot? Seeing it was like hitting the jackpot. I stood and took photos of it for a long time, until I stopped and realized how weird it was that I had just taken 50 pictures of an old, abandoned chair. I was completely ‘in the zone’ but I though it would be best stop myself before someone saw me and thought I was out of my mind. Is it wierd? Yes. But in my opinion, it’s good because it’s totally unexpected! Personally, I really like the finished product, and would love to see it on canvas hanging on my wall. I know some people wont see it this way, but I hope some of you do… I had to remind myself that part of blogging and sharing your work is putting it out there for others to ‘take it’ or ‘leave it’. So, here you go, my friends… take it or leave it! :)

Written by Hayley Rae