Sometimes my quiet, alone time consists of me in bed with my laptop, with music on, just writing out my feelings on a blank notepad document. Nothing fancy. Not so much my feelings per se. I’m not one for answering the typical psychologist question “…and how do you feel about that?” I prefer to simply write out what I’m thinking, the ideas I have, to do lists, and what I have discovered about the funny ways of life. A few years ago I started a Thanksgiving tradition. I sat alone and wrote out all of the things I was thankful for. Once I got started I could barely type as fast as my thoughts were racing with things in my life that I really, really loved and was so genuinely grateful for! Things that make my life complete. The things my life would be so different without. I’ll never forget what it was like to truly reflect on what I was thankful for… it made my heart smile.

It’s not easy. Life is full of things that make you feel empty and unfulfilled. We are bombarded with advertisements designed to make you feel as though your life is lacking something. We are trained to always want more than we already have. New things are great, but of course they should be an afterthought when it comes to what is important to us. If we continually seek  these material things we will never reach a sense of genuine thankfulness for the blessings we do have in our lives. Instead we are left with a persistent feeling of ‘not having’. I know, I know… It all sounds cliche, but take just a moment to imagine life without some of the things that you probably take for granted everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! :)

Written by Hayley Rae