Last weekend my family had a belated Father’s Day celebration at White Rock Beach. We decided to take Marty (my sister and her hubby’s new puppy) and Chi Chi (my beloved dog) to play out on the sand. Having gone through all of the photos I took, it’s officially safe to say that Chi Chi is the world’s least photogenic dog. Whenever I try to take his picture he makes the most awkward faces ever (as I’m sure you can see), and just wont look directly at the camera. As soon as I put the camera away he smiles away, happy as a clam. Marty, on the other hand, is cool as a cucumber. He poses for adorable photos like a seasoned vet… he must take after his parents. Chi Chi might not be such a great model, but he definitely had Marty beat when it came to swimming. I taught Chi Chi how to swim a few summers ago and he’s never looked back. The two really hit it off and quickly helped themselves to our lawn chairs. What a pair!

It was a great day with the whole family! Here’s some of my favourites. I plan to get a few of these ones printed and framed so I can put them up in my room. Enjoy! :)

I hope you all have a great long weekend! Happy Canada Day!

Written by Hayley Rae