I spent Sunday afternoon relaxing (at the ‘ol swimming hole) at the Ruskin Dam all the way out in Mission, BC. With my busy July over it was so nice to get out and finally do a summer activity! I sit at a desk all week, so I loved disconnecting from technology for a few hours. So good. The water there must be running off the mountains because it was FREEZING cold. Not exactly perfect swimming temperature, but we managed to take a (quick) dip anyways. There were a few others there taking advantage of the day too… it seems to be a popular place to go fishing, though I didn’t see anyone catch anything. There’s truthfully nothing to report about the day. I brought my camera along (of course), but the day was perfectly quiet and uneventful… I would definitely recommend checking it out if you ever feel like packing up a little picnic and going on a nice, long drive.

Happy Tuesday! Hope you’re all enjoying the summer sunshine, now that it’s finally here!

Written by Hayley Rae