The other night I took a stroll down Robson Street in search of all things Christmas. Shopping outside sure beats the malls, even if it’s below zero degrees Celsius. I was hoping to get a start on my shopping, but wasn’t able to find anything to buy. Not a single thing. I found some things to add to my wish list though. Isn’t that always the way?

As I was browsing I spotted some super awesome coffee table books full of iconic photos from famous magazines. Looking back at old photographs is a history lesson for photographers. Before the days of digital technology, a great photo was hard to come by. There was no such thing as Photoshop to fancy up an otherwise lackluster image. Photographers had no choice but to get it right the very first time. The shots that have ended up in these books have stood the test of time. These are the photos to draw inspiration from. Plus the books look cool just sitting on a shelf or end table.

I’ve decided I’m starting my collection this year.

Written by Hayley Rae