I’m not quite sure where to start when it comes to Trevor and Caitlin. I’ve known them for quite a few years now, and they are truly one of the sweetest, most adorable couples I know, and so down to earth… and they are so in love. I had the pleasure of attending their wedding a few weeks ago. It was the perfect, sunny, crisp fall day, and Caitlin looked so, so beautiful. She was glowing in her white dress, with a stunning updo and a smile on from start to finish. (Trevor was looking sharp too… but lets face it, it’s all about the bride).

Long before Caitlin and Trevor got engaged, I always remember her saying she wanted to do a trash the dress shoot after her wedding. The first time she mentioned it, I had never heard of ‘trash the dress’ photos. I looked around on the internet, and loved what I saw. Most brides plan to carefully preserve their dresses, but the really adventurous ones like the idea of having some real fun in their dress after the wedding is over. It’s nothing a good trip to the dry cleaners can’t fix. Last weekend I met these two at Derby Reach in Langley for an afternoon of messy, trash the dress fun. With the fall colours still abound these photos match their wedding day! Here is a peek at a few of the best… and remember, it’s never too late to pull out your wedding dress and trash it! :)

Written by Hayley Rae