I thought this little story was rather cute. A couple years ago my parents moved to a nice home on the Morgan Creek Golf Course. We grew up in a house with a forest just on the other side of the back yard fence, so over the years we saw lots of different animals wandering the neighbourhood. Lots of deer, skunks, raccoons, a couple bears… the usual westcoast forest creatures. One animal we never saw on a regular basis was bunnies so, when they moved to Morgan Creek and saw bunnies all over the golf course we all thought it was the greatest thing ever! They’re so adorable hopping all around the yard with their furry tails and wiggly noses! To keep a long story short, my parents sort of adopted a bunny that spent a lot of his time in their backyard. They gave him a name, talked about him all the time, and left him carrots to snack on.

Lets fast forward to the following spring. My mom and dad decided it was time to start landscaping the property… they spent a whole bunch of money on lots of different plants for the yard. The yard looked great, but their old friend Mr. Bunny was back to his favourite house on the block and this time he brought along a few friends. Next thing we knew the bunny army was eating away at all of the yummy, new (and expensive) plants. The plants were being demolished by the day and in a frantic effort to save what was left my dad had to take some drastic measures…. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Written by Hayley Rae