This CS Lewis quote just never gets old to me. I came across it in the book I’m reading right now (The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller) and felt compelled to share it today. We go through life, at an ever increasing pace, with head strong persistence. We hold on so tightly to the ideas and plans we have made for ourselves.

Though we resist, resist, resist, it’s only when we give up our insecurities, pride, or selfish motives that we finally find the very things we’ve been hoping for. My encouragement to you today is to STOP struggling and simply surrender whatever it is you are fighting for. Consider it gone, forever (seems crazy, I know!). Keep moving forward with this new perspective, and humbly prepare to be amazed at what is about to happen in your life…

Wanna try? Everyone’s striving for something, it’s human nature. Perfection, acceptance, a relationship, a promotion, more money, more respect. Once we achieve one thing, we’re on to the next, never satisfied. Take 1 minute (maybe 2) and ask yourself, “What am I tirelessly striving for?” Beware, it may not be obvious at first… really think about it. Giving up on something you have been chasing for weeks, months, years is SO much easier said than done. But hey, give it a shot… Because really, what have we got to lose?

Written by Hayley Rae